About Us

Emirates Holding Group is a consortium of companies

Emirates Holding Group of companies:
Emirates holding – uae
Emirtes holding – europe
Emirates holding – Africa
United Group
Africa holding
EHGT – General trading
Ista international
Atlas petrochem
Fynzon –crypto currency exchange
Our Souq – online portal
Events Events – UAE
United Expo – Qatar

Our people are the heart of our business. While we share ambitions as a collective, we also have ambitions as individuals. The same is true for all the other people that our work touches.

We empower and encourage each other, our clients and everyone we work with to embrace challenge and look beyond the boundaries of today.

Mohammed Hanif Shaikh

Our goal

we see every challenge as an opportunity to dream bigger and bring our ambitions to life. We believe our only limits are the ones we give ourselves. Since day one we have relentlessly pursued a better way. We were founded out of a belief that the industry could be more efficient, innovative and responsible