Investment & funding

EH Europe Ltd - We do private investments and for major projects we arrange financing and funding through our funding partners and we can raise funds up to 8 billion pounds. We add value to our services thanks to our experience, expertise. and established working relations with various financing institutions. We are fast and efficient in our dealings and get the deal done in a short period of time. We mainly do Equity and Debt Finance for projects.

Oil & gas

EH Europe Itd. We do Electro – Mechanical Contracting works focusing on the Oil & Gas sector both offshore and onshore. We bring the state of art and environment friendly technology and solutions at the door step of our clients. We undertake execution of all types of Oil & Gas field services comprising, Fire Proof Coating, Anti Corrosion (Blasting & Painting) Services for Industrial Oil & Gas installations, On-shore and Off-shore Oil & Gas field services, Electromechanical works Projects contracting and Steel Fabrication & Erection reiated to Oil & Gas Sector & Piping. For providing all these services all our speciatists are selected for their knowledge, experience, and integrity, all of which are crucial to delivering the quality of service and the objective, independent analysis and engineering for which we are well known.


Import, Export and other general trading in the Middle East region. Gradually, as the enterprise was progressing, the Company adapted a range of diverse products and business interest. Our main general trading predominantly include teak wood, luxurious gold jewelry items, healthcare and medical equipment, meats and other general products. Hardwood/ softwood trading With our extensive experience in Asian hardwood/ softwood trading and having some of the longest standing relationships in the business, Emirates Holding Group is involved in major teak trade projects which can be structured into teak logs, conversions, semi and finished products. It's obvious that teak enjoys a workd wide reputation. We trade in Agro products and much more..

Gold Mining & Ore Processing

Emirates Holding Africa Itd is a company focused on gold mining in Tanzania. We concentrate on identifying, acquiring, exploring, developing gold mining deposits, ore processing and producing Gold in Tanzania. Gold mining in Tanzania requires the right team that is aggressive as well as enthusiastic and that's exactly what we've developed - The experienced Tanzanian geologists in mining and gold exploration, coupled with our experienced management team.


EH Europe Ltd We specialize in Boutique Hotels that cater to a large portion of tourists and business travelers. Our complete focus is on providing maximum facilities and top class comfort at very reasonable rates. A stay at one of our properties is a complete new experience in hospitality. Hospitality EH - UAE New Bombay Seafood chain of restaurants Fine dining at is finest. All our restaurants boast of a serene atmosphere that's apt for a gathering of any size. We make sure the best dishes prepared from the choicest ingredients makes it to your table at just the right temperature and with a perfect blend of body, taste and fragrance. That's the hallmark of new Bombay Seafood restaurants all around the world


EE with its battery of experienced personnel & business associates are specialized in the event and exhibition field, have been organized more than 500 successful B2B AND B2C Exhibitions and Festivals. Stupendously successful events have been staged in UAE, Oman, Qatar, Jordan, Bahrain, India and Saudi. This rich experience and our reputation make it possible for us to successfully plan & organize the most comprehensive contemporary fairs that cater to the interests of all categories of visitors. Events are tailor-made to appeal to the local fraternity of the host city. Our team have expertise in promoting & managing the venues.

Retail & online shopping portal

Our Retail Footprint goes back for many years. From design, concept creation and execution; whereas we formed direct partnerships with International Franchises or developed our own and our customer's branding in the food & beverage retail sector. EHG looks at Retail from different perspectives, taking into account not only the choice of products and the selling strategy to adopt, but also going into minute details like the choice of lighting and music to create the best possible relaxed shopping experience. Therefore, we are always in rummage around of best business opportunities with renewed business groups. Putting customers first, following their needs and sourcing the best products forms also a very important and integral part of our purchasing department which helps to enhance the full operational chain for the best satisfaction of our clients; our commitment sparks the company's presence in UAE as well as on an international level

Crypto currency – exchange

Fynzon is an exchange platform where blockchain based currencies are being trade. Fynzon means “Exchange through Fynzon has its own EXCHANGE TRADED FUND (ETF) which is known as Fynzon. However, the value of Currencies available in fynzon might increase or decrease depending upon the market behavior. Our AIM: To Provide global Block chain based banking solution to maximum users . fynzon – The name behind Fynzon is Mr Amit Singh our partner. Its been more than 5 yrs of experience that we are now creating opportunities and benefits for our clients.